Monday, April 19, 2010

i fell asleep amidst the flowers

omg these shoes are brilliant!
especially the vivienne westwoods,gareth pughs and of course the YSL cage boots
all of them are BEAUTIFUL
but my personal favorites

wow I think Im officially IN LOVE with this womans style
I saw her picture on someones blog and I had to post
AAHHHH shes amazing.

the funny weird things you can come across on chatroulette (my screen shots from chats)
funny story about chatroulette
i had been hearing about it on twitter
and my friend Nicole and I went on at her house
and its cool so I go on every now and again.
and ive talked to the jonas brothers once
seriously.. wow i was like.. hey..

not just 300 guys jacking off

this reminds me of a gareth pugh ad

commes des garcons

gareth pugh

both are amazing, duh.
even though theyre both old just a thought.

my god John, your brilliant

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