Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Hot like mexico, rejoice

I was at the Alejandro music video premiere this morning
(online) and its my new ALL time favorite gaga video
its genius, brilliant, dark, morbid, and GAGA!
Shes limitless and nothing but a modern visionary artist
my idol who I love dearly, I was HONORED to be at the monsterball

A few weeks ago I took a video of my friend and myself.
When I turned the camera up to sky the house near us looked like this, THERE IS NOT EDITING THIS IS RAW AND OFF MY CAMERA PHONE!

I spent about a half hour at starbucks reading Elle's collections for 2010
it was a 20 dollar book on 2010's fashion shows and designers. its like an almanac for 2010 fashion! And while working on some writing and fashion ideas. Than I went clearance rack shopping, bought some things from half price books and over to whole foods for lunch.

I was looking through an Andy Warhol book and half price and I wore today an American Apparel red and white striped tee, black jeans, a grey slouchy American Apparel cardigan, ksubi sunglasses and converse. So I flip to a page and Andy's wearing a red and white striped tee, black jeans and sunglasses. I ALMOST DIED!! I

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

How ingenious are these vintage Balenciaga pieces? I googled vintage Balenciaga curious about how the much older pieces looked and hows its evolved. It was founded in 1914 so these are of course just a few pictures. They are from the 40's, 50's 60's collections. The construction of the suits (Skirt and jacket) arms are BRILLIANT and so fashion forward for that time! And my favorite gown is the one on the mannequin, STUNNING!!!!

Some terrific artwork by one of my favorite artists, Joe Andoe.
I would like to have some tea and work on some sort of a collaboration with him in the future.

I took that photo in a parking garage in chicago last May while my bestfriend was in Knee surgery. Hate to say that day was fun for me