Wednesday, October 6, 2010

I have never given a proper introduction

Although Ive had this blog over a year, I haven't really said anything about myself.

I am Chicago native.
I look more ITALIAN then any of my other cultures.
fashion/photography/artwork/theater/sculpting/music/writing/flim/art houses
I find my clothing at the bottom of sale bins and american apparel shelves.
I drink Americanos and think Angie Jolie is smokin'

Striped oversized sweatshirt and or pullovers
orange knit scarves
Tilda Swinton Art films
brown leather bowling shoes
Police man caps
Cheap internet graphics
Japanese Vogue

Fashion is my life.
From the stitches to the britches, I am obsessed with every aspect of the fashion industry.
Although, I don't dress like something in Vogue or picture perfect magazine
I know good fashion when I see it!

Fashion design, styling, fashion journalism, fashion blogging, fashion designers
Its just a world Ive always longed to be apart of.

My views on style are "fashion freedom"
Wear what makes YOU feel stylish and not what the standards say is.

The spontanity and originality is what sparks fashion.

I am extremely versatile. I dress to the mood I am feeling, some days I feel like a street kid from LA and the next I feel like a blazer and oversized bag.

When my future collections debut, I want my consumers to feel like theyre at home
in their comfort zone.
Because Ive never been on a thinking level of everyone else, I have always felt like a freak and that no one would ever understand my lifestyle.

And for people who think loving fashion is shallow or shady
thats really okay, but please take your smoke cloud of non-sense and go away
its blocking my versace.

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