Monday, May 24, 2010


This is very hard but here are my top 10 FAVORITE collections.

p.s. EXCUSE the lack in my writing. I've never been so tired while doing a post

Number 10# Balenciaga 2007

Is Balenciagas LEGENDARY 2007 Robotical chic Especially those gladiator style leggings, and Lego heels. Innovative, futurisic, and last of all, GENIUS!


My obsession this season! MIU MIU!
The ss 2010 collection is simply genius the little animated puppies, birds, naked ladies and lips. The thick statement clogs, and tailored tops makes me melt

Number 8# Gareth Pugh 2007
Im sort of cheating here because I couldnt decide of over Gareths 2009 or 2007
so I combined some of my favorites from both. Gareths royalty in the fashion world, shining the light on hardcore Gothic fashion. He has once again caught my eye, something about this gothic architecture and the three dementional fashion made my list for top 10 favorites.

Number 7# Alexander Wang SS10

ALEXANDER WANG! is one of my favorite designers! VERY FAVORITE and I absolutely love this collection! my favorite one of the season! I love sort of the jersey atheletic freshman ora, it gives off! The secretary winged sunglasses, baggy cardigans, socks and heels, mesh pants, cropped jackets, the sweatshirt, and the varsity jacket! toooooooo gooood! I LOVE YOU!

Number 6# Proenza Schouler ss 2010

Proenza's 2010 ss collection has psychedelic prints with neon bold tones
from the shoes to the handbags everything is flawless! I love Proenza and this collection just made me love them more!

Number 5# John Galliano ss 2010

Most of the recent favorites are this year but the have made me fall in love!
JOHN GALLIANO, ANOTHER FAVORITE! "The faded hollywood depression phase", look is spectacular, the shoes with the ball heels, newspaper hats, froppy coats, and that BRILLIANT runway! John Galliano you leave me speechless.

Number 4# Jeremy Scott Happy Daze

As I mentioned earlier, Jeremy Scott is my favorite designer
and I absolutely love Happy Daze the colorful, fun, and funky collection
embellishes the 1950's iconic time period such as the juke box, poodle skirts, records, guitars, the great music. Well done Mr Scott

Number 3# af vandevorst 2007

I love the anti-fashion frocky hobo look, the jackets, the white blouses, black skirts, loose trousers, and jazz shoe. so Af Vandevorst is one of my favorites.

Number 2# Alexander McQueen Platos Atlantis
The late and great Alexander McQueens GROUND BREAKING "Platos Atlantis"
shook the fashion industry to the core, with reptillian goddesses, goat huff killer shoes, alien-esque hair and face make up, its near impossible to compeat with. you were a god and i miss you so badly

Number 1# Hussein Chalayan SS 2010

My favorite collection so far! is HUSSEIN CHALAYAN SS 2010
I love the nautical white country club look with the high fashion twist
the hands holding the dress, the little details make all the difference
how the sunglasses can fold up and down, not to mention the sunglasses themself!
The HAT with sunglasses! All amazing, Actually that hat, Alexander Wang GOLD winged sunglasses, and MUI MUI's SS 2010 are my current obsessions!

thats all folks!
thanks for readin'


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